Wild Kairos

A European thematic network around the themes of sustainable practices and lifestyles that through the creation of youth projects wants to give an answer to burning questions like “How can we change? And how can we support the youth to find their own path towards sustainability and empowerment for a just world?
 The Positive Creation Design Group

We co-create for the good of mother Earth and its inhabitants 

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Energy Efficient Life Center

Who We Are


We gathered different cutting edge environmental associations from 10 different countries: Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and the UK.


An article about our seminar in French:





What We Do


Our networking event took place from the 9th to 16th March 2015 in Switzerland. Goals and needs are that all our partner associations find motivated partners and be capable to take responsibility within their association in order to co-create youth project…

We really want to involve people who are motivated, have ideas, with time capacity and willing to work on common projects.
Participants have to come from the partner countries, 
but we would like to give priority to motivated and enthusiastic people who might not be member of the partner organisation.

How We Work


The methodological approach and all the activities of “Wild Kairos” were under the concept of non-formal education. For the partnership and project creation part we used the Open Space technology and the Dragon Dreaming system of design and implementation. For the group creating part we used games, circle sharing with deep listening, workshops, creative presentations, experience exchange, outdoor activities as well as informal spaces.



The European Networking Event Wild Kairos has been financed through the support of the CH Foundation